SSL Tests


Validates an SSL certificate and in case of successful validation extracts values. The probe exposes three modes.




  • check your SSL certificate is still up to date,
  • xxxx


validdefault Returns the certificate validity. In case of valid certificate the latter is returned in the full response object.
expiryReturns the expiry date of a valid certificate.
aliasesReturns all the aliases associated with a valid certificate.

The following parameters can be used to configure the test:

hostIP address or string IP address or hostname of the remote host.
portinteger TCP port where the SSL/TLS session can be established.
date-formatstring Specify the format of the date to return in expiry mode. All the possible formats are listed in the table below. If this parameter is omitted, the expiration timestamp is returned as presented in the certificate.

Date formats

date-format parameter valueExample of returned timestampDescription
unixtime1504601611UNIX timestamp
c, C or iso86012017-09-05T11:53:31.896389ISO8601 format
days_left351Days left until the certificate expires.